Philips Heartstart Defibrillator - Philips Defibrillator

With the electrode located in the right (philips defibrillators) ventricle to the IAD can measure the activity and if it detects ventricular tachycardia a dangerous approach a download (not just measured beat frequency, it can detect if the onset is sudden, the variability of RR segment electrocardiogram, or the portable defibrillator different morphologies of the layout, which allows differentiating sinus tachycardia tachycardias other more dangerous. To revert tachycardia can use an electric shock (shock) or to provide less traumatic (philips defibrillator) stimulation sequences and not painful (unlike collision). This is useful in a large number of ventricular tachycardia.

As a pacemaker, (philips aed defibrillator) if the ICD detects a heart rate below the preset cutoff, it can perform a portable defibrillator stimulation unicameral, bicameral tricameral even in modern ICDs.

Electrocardiogram with ventricular tachycardia.

Defibrillator (philips heart start defibrillator)
This is the function they were designed the first implantable defibrillators in the eighties. When the device detects ventricular (philips heartstart home defibrillator) fibrillation (cardiac arrhythmia very serious, very often fatal if not reversed in time) download a shock portable defibrillator (biphasic, usually to 18 joules, directly over the right ventricle) that normally returns the heart to normal rhythm . The next-generation devices synchronized flow with the QRS complex which (philips heartstart defibrillator) improves efficiency.

Holter (philips heartstart defibrillators)
With this function the device can store data on the patient's daily rhythm, recording episodes of arrhythmia that can subsequently submitted for evaluation by the specialist.

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