Instructions for Using Portable Defibrillator

Portable defibrillator consists of delivering an electric shock properly calibrated (power phase) and from the right place to re-synchronize the contractions of the myocardial fibers and allow the heart to beat normally again, but must occur before asystole.

The fact of Portable Defibrillator cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR: mouth-to-mouth associated with chest compressions) is used to circulate oxygenated blood, thus supplying the brain and the myocardial oxygen and increases the chance of successful defibrillation, the heart is oxygenated, it remains longer in fibrillation (delay it asystole) was therefore more likely to recover the victim.

Récentes2 Various publications have Portable Defibrillator highlighted the flexibility of face to face delays and complicated cardiac massage, especially if the rescuer is alone, it also introduces additional air into the airways and digestive tract, which runs counter to the bloodstream . However, mouth to mouth is necessary in many cases. Float situations where it is appropriate to those where it is not to make training more complex resuscitation, while simplicity is a key criterion of effectiveness. It is recommended in all cases of classical resuscitation, alternating chest compressions and artificial ventilation.

In general, the victim does not take notice during resuscitation, with or without defibrillation. It is therefore necessary to continue these exercises until help arrived. Continued resuscitation should be done by a medical team. Depending on the country, it will move until the victim (Stay and Play, for France) or prompt assistance will transport the victim as quickly as possible to the hospital (scoop and run, if U.S. USA).

The fact that Portable defibrillator do leave your heart does not mean that the person will survive, otherwise, if she survives, she may keep the irreversible neurological sequelae. However, the CPR is the only known technique which gives good chances of survival for the victim, and the use of a defibrillator increases those chances.

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