Information for Portable Defibrillator

To achieve the earliest possible portable defibrillation, increasingly publicly accessible defibrillators (public access defibrillators are used PADs), as shopping malls, airports, train stations, banks and other public buildings. Benefits the purchaser of which is currently declining.

Portable Defibrillator Usually the AEDs at information desks, boxes, etc. located in Porter, so once qualified personnel is available. Freely accessible defibrillators attached (similar to the installation of fire extinguishers) may be associated with an alarm system to automatically call a trained assistant or prevent thefts.

In the American space AEDs portable defibrillator are very widespread, portable defibrillator but also in Europe is a clear trend to recognize PADs. In Germany, AEDs are, for example in the Munich subway stations, at major airports and in public institutions (for example, in the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the land registry offices in Rheinland-Pfalz) available. All major German aid organizations also promote the increased purchase and installation of PADs. This trend is also defibrillator observed in neighboring Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Legal Situation
Portable Defibrillator The use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) by laypersons as part of first aid is a legally safe. If an AED kept in a first-responder system, in the ambulance or rescue services and also used is to note for the user to access the Medical Devices Act (MPG) and the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) - ie trained staff must be appropriately and also be trained. In general, however for the real thing: a failure to assist portable defibrillator is in Germany (according to § 323C StGB) is a crime.

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