Cardioversion Defibrillator

Resuscitation electrodes are placed according Cardioversion Defibrillator to one of two plans. Front-back plan (conf. picture) for long-term electrode placement scheme is preferred. Heart of an electrode in the left portable defibrillator anterior precordium (chest at the bottom, above) is located. The other electrode on the back, behind heart is in the region between the scapula. This is the best non-invasive pacing is preferred because this Cardioversion Defibrillator placement.

Anterior-apex scheme front-back plan when it is inappropriate or unnecessary can be used. In this scheme, in the portable defibrillator right clavicle in the anterior electrodes, are placed. Apex electrode into the patient's left side, below and are left pectoral Cardioversion Defibrillator muscle. In this order for defibrillation and cardioversion, as well as working for an ECG monitor.

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    The defibrillator is like a box of variable size, depending on the model you have. Its dimensions are 30 cm to 30 cm in height twenty. Inside lies beyond the electrodes which are two, even a shaving kit to remove the possible hair on the victim's chest. Is essential that the adhesive electrodes adhere perfectly, because their membership would lead to a partial or incorrect detection or wrong in many cases totally absent from the defibrillator. This would mean a significant loss of valuable time for their replacement.

    Cardioversion Defibrillator