Defective Defibrillator

A key factor for the process of Defective Defibrillator is effective is that the same be done very quickly. An explicit example of this concept is what happens daily in the city of Chicago. The survival rate in the city of Chicago is equal to that of any portable defibrillator city in the world equipped with defibrillators. Instead O'Hare International Airport in the same city is equipped with several totems, are vertical structures equipped defective with defibrillators, but also accompanied by video or graphical charts that teach the use of the device.

The survival rate in this site is very high, 54% and reaches 73% if you are defibrillated Defective Defibrillator within three minutes [citation needed]. Therefore often a defibrillator is not enough, it happened often that you forget where you are located when needed, the minutes ticking, the totems have proven effective immediately identify the defibrillator and to help remember portable defibrillator its use.

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