Defibrillator's History

Portable defibrillator by electrical shock, which dates from 1788 when the first attempt resuscitation, and how the concept, but of course beer. Rhythm diseases responsible for sudden death in 1849, was Ludwig and Hoffa and the period of fibrillation is suspected by the French made in 1874 by Edme Vulpian.

In 1899, we can and with an electric shock ventricular fibrillation go, can not remember the last team standing.

In late 1940, Carl Wiggers first system tests on animals.
Claude Beck in 1947 on his heart during surgery, the first of alternating current defibrillation was a success. Naum Gurvich in 1939 proved that Portable defibrillator the use of DC is more efficient and less dangerous. This technique common in the USSR than in Western countries, only a few decades later will be used. Biphasic shock also require testing. Since 1952, this and the first external defibrillator designs.

In 1959 Bernard Lown performs the first shock for the reduction of atrial fibrillation. He will be introduced by the current Western defibrillation technique, used today.
The first external pacemaker in 1960 in Paris, was built at a Defibrillator. Meanwhile, Bernard Lown, or ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia (defibrillator used to treat the first) is.

In 1966, an ambulance palc adjustable Portable defibrillator and portable systems outside the hospital were produced. Early models, about 70 kg, but soon progs with miniaturization days below 5 kg.

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