Portable Defibrillator Reviews

Your heart beats fast stop abnormal heart rhythm back to normal again by ensuring that vehicle.

1. Physiological Explanation:
Fibrillation: heart, that portable defibrillator the most important organ of the circulatory system works as a pump. Life for more precise operation of this pump is required. Heart muscle, the brain receives from the "contract" with the contract orders and "relax" with orders to relax. Heart muscle or skeletal muscle fiber is made up of fibrils. Life at the same time all of this stress as a result of heart muscle contraction. This is due to any disease of Fibrous protein or fiber, irregular, independent to each other when called tense fibrillation.

Work in this way stop by if you have portable defibrillator heart fibrillation persists after a while, and now will not work the heart Fibrous protein are separated from each other is a state. Defibrillation: new or fibrillation had suffered heart stopped in shock to give the electrical energy from the outside if the heart is stimulated and contracts. After the first act like a motor engine is running, as evoked in this way the heart starts to work again. Have suffered this shock on the heart fibrillation if the heart muscle must be made as soon as the contract requires.

2. Defibrillation Mechanism:
Certain level of electrical ventricular defibrillation provides warning. Returns to normal in the ventricles into fibrillation with shock.

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