Defibrillator Materials -2-

Following its generation and use, it can be:
  • easy,
  • associated with a scope to visualize the patient's electrocardiogram,
  • associated with an portable defibrillator external pacemaker: issuance of low electrical pulses (adjustable level) at a frequency corresponding to the desired heart rate when heart is too slow (bradycardia)
  • semi automatic analyzing the electrical path and enabling the patient as appropriate cardioversion or not. The automatic is generally disengaged for use outside of the cardio-circulatory arrest.
  • automatically analyzing the route and delivers the shock if needed, whose use is mainly oriented towards the general public.
Available commands are:
  • the off button,
  • the choice of the impact energy, expressed in joules: depending on the device and use can range from 40 to 375 joules.
  • the loading of pallets,
  • Order of issue of shock,
  • establish synchronization on the patient's ECG (for treatment of atrial fibrillation).
The shape of the energy delivered is monophasic in the first generation of defibrillators and biphasic (polarity reversal during the shock) in those present. The advantage is they require less energy for defibrillation (less risk of skin burns and less theoretical risk of heart).

Separately, the portable defibrillator, which, as its name suggests, is located on the patient as a pacemaker: it detects and automatically administers an electric shock in case of occurrence of ventricular arrhythmia serious.

The device used for electric shock in psychiatry (ECT), is entirely different in its design and currents generated.

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