Aed Defibrillator Comments Series -1-

Almost 35 years and is now American Heart Association CPR Training Center taught me to have a head. 5 years of my instructors has reached the top 4 AED trainers, but each of them prefers to use the Philips Medical HeartStart. Other trainers gather dust. Philips AEDs line HeartStream began in the late 1990s and the first FDA-approved children's shoes (American Airlines), to put AEDs on airplanes for the first FDA-approved biphasic (2 lines) shocks, the first was on the market currently only AED officially American Dental Association and approved and the first to be able to buy without a prescription from a doctor.
Aed Defibrillator

Only a few years ago, given that AEP cost about $ 5,000, the price makes it a robbery! If you have a loved one at home with a sick heart, this device is for you! No device guarantees success, and this machine will not help a heart attack, but sudden cardiac arrest (complete arrest of the heart) Remember that the best chance for those shows. But if you buy it, please join HeartSaver AED training course, take the time to be trained in their use - the use of AED AHA "Chain of Survival", only four golf courses.

You are going to the American Heart Association Web site or the Training and Education Center near you or find a course near you call Philips customer service by searching.

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