The Philips Heart Start Defibrillators

I live every hockey arena in the city (we have 17 hockey rink arenas and 8) the site has a Philips Heart Start Defibrillator. Why? because they save lives. A player, spectator, parent or grandparent in the construction of the case of sudden cardiac arrest, the use of a defibrillator increases the odds of survival.

cardiac arrhythmia, the heart can cause cardiac arrest is an abnormal electrical activity. A defibrillator to the heart to restore the natural rhythm of the heart gives a small amount of electricity defined.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED also known as) without a training unit of the successful use of a spectator, so designed. AEDs are simple to use and to determine if the individual is actually a heart attack are computer programmed to evaluate the person's heart. Heart Start, and provide instructions calmly walk through the process uses a clear, natural sound. To ensure the safety of its most sensitive of the heart using a combination of high doses of low power consumption.

Defibrillators large groups of people gathered, government offices, gymnasiums, stadiums, public access buildings such as airports and railway stations are available. automatic defibrillator on the residents of our community gives you more training, more lives will be saved.

Now all the fun of our urban centers, performing arts center and city hall has them. One of the last six weeks, the Emergency Medical System of the citizens in our region against a sudden cardiac arrest is necessary to use their skills in basic call life support, responded to an unprecedented number. During this period, the EMS team resulted in the recovery of four patients before their arrival at the hospital automated external defibrillator (AED) answered five uses.

Historically, the region out-of-survival rate for cardiac arrest of five percent or less.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of automated external defibrillator at home and at work is working to ensure widespread access. The Foundation is also near a high risk of cardiac arrest and AED individuals to educate themselves, to be willing to help a family member or friend is promising.

They do not need a prescription to purchase a smoke detector and there is an element such as the Philips Heart Start Defibrillator in an emergency situation at home is becoming increasingly common, the carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher.

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